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Safety Critical Assessments for the Workplace

Workplace Safety Critical Services

All our courses are designed and delivered by our experienced healthcare professionals, all of which are tailored to your individual needs, So whether you need CPR, First Aid, Defibrillator training or workplace risk assessment training, contact us to see how we can meet your needs, or select one of the courses below for more information.

Airside Operator

Our BLS (Basic Life Support) course includes First Aid, CPR, and Defibrillator training for several attendees with hands-on practical simulation tools.

Airside Operator Medical

Confined Space

Our trainer course provides those who will go on to teach others in the workplace the necessary skills to provide BLS training to the wider audience.

Confined Space Medical

Work at Height


Our Workplace Risk Assessment Training will give you the information you need to help reduce workplace risk, thus improving employee health and wellbeing.


Forklift Truck Driver

Ensure that your FLT drivers are medically fit for operating machinery at your workplace with our FLT medical assessment.

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